Traveling Reiki

What is Traveling Reiki?

Don’t feel like leaving the house after you get home from work? Traveling Reiki is great because I come to you! All you have to do is wear comfy clothes and relax. This service is also great for individuals who have a hard time driving due to handicaps, anxiety or other medical conditions.

What should I expect?

First thing to do would be to book a free consultation.

The consultation allows us to chat so I can answer any questions you might have. It also allows us to schedule a time for your session, if that feels right for you, and address any specific needs or desires you may have.

If you decide to book a session with me. We will exchange contact information and I will arrive at your house at the appointment time and set up. I have a portable Reiki table, music, essential oil diffuser, blankets and bolsters. Essentially, everything needed to turn any room in your home into a sacred Reiki space.

PLEASE NOTE that this service does require that you have a space large enough to set up a massage table and I need to be able to easily walk around it. Weather permitting this can also be done outside on a deck or in a private backyard. If you are concerned that your space is not large enough, let’s chat about that too (there’s always a solution)

What is included?

This service involves;

  • 10 minutes of set up time to prep the room and table ( If you prefer to use your own music, essential oils, candles or incense that is perfect too)

  • A brief consultation where we discuss your intentions, goals and desires for the session and I can answer any questions you may have.

  • A short body scan meditation on the table to start the relaxation process and boost your awareness

  • A 45-90 minute Reiki Session (costs are dependent upon session duration)

  • A post session recap conversation during which we can share any sensations or messages that came up or new questions you may have.

  • 10 min break down time to leave your room just the way it was (except maybe a little more full of positive energy!)


Payment can be done a number of ways. I send you a Square or Paypall invoice or I can take a credit card number over the phone. I also accept checks through the mail, but payments must be received at least 24hrs before your service.