Reiki Services

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receive reiki anywhere in the world. pre and post session consultations over the phone or internet

receive reiki anywhere in the world. pre and post session consultations over the phone or internet

servicing the rhode island area, southern MASSACHUSETTS and eastern connecticut.

servicing the rhode island area, southern MASSACHUSETTS and eastern connecticut.


What is Reiki?

The word Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) translates to “spiritually guided life force energy” and is a holistic form of energetic healing that safely treats a person’s emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual body. At the most basic level, our bodies and beings are made of energy. This energy is organized to create the atoms that make up our bodies, our world and the whole of the universe. Every living thing already possesses life force energy (Ki) that ideally flows abundantly through the body, creating and maintaining health. However, it is common for this energy to become diminished or restricted, which leaves our body more susceptible to stress, illness and disease.

Essentially, when Ki is plentiful and flowing we choose happiness more often, heal more quickly and are more resilient to negative environmental influences.

A Reiki practitioner intentionally connects to the universal source of this loving, positive energy and allows it to pass through them to you, thereby reawakening and elevating your body’s inherent life force energy. Your body is then able to use this energy for your highest health and well-being. Reiki is gentle and is a wonderful supportive addition to any medical treatments or medications that you are already using. There are no negative side effects. Your body (referring to your entire being; body, mind, spirit) is amazing and it knows exactly what to do to bring you to a state of perfect health, but sometimes we may not know how to access the energy it needs!

A Reiki treatment simply provides the energetic resources and an intentional, safe, peaceful space and your body uses those resources and that opportunity to heal itself!

What Can Reiki Do For Me?

Ana is certified Reiki Master in Usui Holy Fire III Reiki. One of the wonderful effects of Reiki is the deep comforting feeling of being unconditionally loved, nurtured and at peace. Some of the other qualities and benefits of Holy Fire Reiki include:

  • Always respects free will of recipient. Reiki cannot force changes to occur, only assist in creating the changes that you WANT to make.

  • Replaces stress and worry with a sense of safety, peace and feelings of being unconditionally loved. This creates a nurturing and healing internal environment.

  • Tend to develop and nurture positive aspects of a person’s personality such as self love, love for others, patience, kindness, compassion, enthusiasm, trust, etc.

  • Treatments works continuously after session is completed and spontaneously heals issues as they surface.

  • Is incredibly gentle and heals quickly and deeply without distress.

  • Heals relationships and interactions with others.

  • Sessions end with client feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact Ana for more in depth answers to any questions that you may have. The International Center for Reiki Training (IRCT) is also a wonderful resource which provides a huge amount of information and references to scientific studies.

  1. Is Reiki a religion?

    Reiki is based off of the idea that there is a universal loving energy present in all things and that each living being has access to this loving energy and to guidance from a higher power(s). Reiki does not try to define this higher power in any way. This leaves the client and practitioner free to define their relationship with this energy and higher power in any way they see fit.

  2. What do I have to do before, during and after the treatment?

    BEFORE: You should consider wearing comfortable clothing. Many people find it beneficial to take some time to set goals or intentions for the session, or just take a few calming breaths to get into an open and relaxed state of mind.

    DURING: Relax and open to the idea that anything is possible! Remember that you are safe, Reiki cannot harm you in any way and you will never by forced to heal or release anything that you are not ready to change.

    AFTER: Get up slowly from the table. Drink lots of water. Sometimes it is nice to have some time set aside for yourself to relax, journal or take part in any self care practices that you enjoy. Leave yourself some time to enjoy that relaxed and loving state and to process any emotions or physical symptoms that may come up for you.

  3. What can I expect to experience during and after my Reiki session? Does it hurt?

    Every person’s experience is unique to them but is never harsh or painful. Some people will experience physical sensations such as warmth, cold, tingling or vibrating. Others may experience visual or auditory sensations. Many experience profound feelings of oneness or calm peacefulness or love. It is also common for strong emotions to come up to the surface. A Reiki treatment is a safe space to release or express any emotions or sensations that come up for you. If you need to talk, then talk. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to change positions or move around that is fine too.

  4. Does Reiki have any negative side effects?

    The physical, emotional, mental and energetic aspects of the body are all inseparably connected. During a Reiki Treatment, the cleansing and healing of a person’s energy field may effect a similar healing and cleaning process in the client’s physical body. Likewise, a Reiki treatment may also have a cleansing effect on the clients emotional and mental states, releasing and healing negative emotions or thoughts that no longer serve the client’s highest good.

    Though Reiki does not have any long lasting negative side effects, some people may experience physical symptoms as a result of their body healing and / or releasing stored toxins. This may result in temporary symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, upset stomach or nausea, light headedness or dizziness. On an emotional and mental level, some people also experience heightened mental/emotional states and may feel fatigued.

  5. Can Reiki be performed on people with disabilities? What if I am on medication or am involved in other therapies or medical treatments? Can it be performed in hospitials?

    Absolutely! Reiki can be done in any space with the client in any position that is comfortable for them. This is one of the reasons why Ana makes home visits, so that people can be comfortably in their own space during treatments.

    Reiki does not interfere or interact with medications and is a wonderful supportive accompaniment to other therapies and treatments. Reiki is a sanctioned practice in many hospitals in the US and around the world as it assists with and support any medically prescribed treatment plan (Learn more about Reiki’s use in hospitals HERE)

  6. Does Reiki involve touch?

    Reiki can involve soft, non-invasive touch. However, it can also be performed by hovering hands over the client or from any distance at all! It is totally possible for a Reiki practitioner to treat a client half way across the globe! In a nut shell, any level of contact that is comfortable for you is totally fine!

  7. Do I have to be alone or can I have people with me?

    A Reiki treatment is meant to be a safe place for you to release any emotions, do anything or say anything that aids in your healing. Many people prefer to do this alone, however, if you feel like having someone there would be for your highest good then that is fine.

  8. Can you do Reiki on animals?

    Animals are often very sensitive to energy and LOVE Reiki! Some animals enjoy physical touch during reiki and some do not and prefer to have Reiki given from a distance. Just remember that it is more difficult to see immediate results of Reiki on animals, as they can’t chat with us about how they feel, however, many pet owners have noticed big improvements in the health of their animals after repeated treatments.

  9. How many Reiki treatments does it take before I am healed?

    That is completely unique to each individual and depends upon your health goals and how willing you are to heal them on a subconscious level. Sometimes illness and hardship have lessons to teach us and will not be easily healed until that lesson has been absorbed and understood. Other times, we can tend to have subconscious attachments to our discomfort, pain or illness that first must be brought to the surface and released before true healing can take place.

    So far on my Reiki journey I have worked with some clients who have experienced huge shifts after the first treatment and others who simply enjoyed the benefits of feeling extremely relaxed for the hour. It is also important to note that Reiki continues to work and heal even after the session is complete. It it completely possible for the full effects of your treatment to become apparent days or weeks after the session.