You already have all of these things…

and I want to give you the methods and tools to consistently access these qualities!

You have a beautiful, unique, fulfilling, purpose driven reality that is absolutely accessible and available to you! That little voice inside your head that tells you, “You’re special”, that “You have so much more to give”, ““You are Significant”, “You deserve to realize your awe inspiring amazingness" (maybe that’s just my brain that says that), is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!

We learn a lot of things and create a lot of habits over the course of our life that protect us and keep us safe. As we grow up, however, those same beliefs can keep us trapped in mediocrity and stagnant boredom. These habits can limit us and leave us feeling small, unqualified, incapable and insignificant. Luckily,

Our past has no power over us and neither does our future, unless we CHOOSE to grant them that power. Every single moment of our lives is a new chance to choose a new thought. Every moment is a new chance to decide to be the most aligned, whole, full, powerful, magical, amazing version of you!

Sometimes, we just need a non-biased (aka non-family, friend or spouse), non-judgmental, compassionate partner to mirror back to us the full, limitless truth of who we are.

Sometimes, we just need someone to ask the questions that open doors to new ways of thinking that we would never think open on our own.

Sometimes, we need to be able to reach for easy, instant tools to help keep us aligned with our goals and to support us when the self-growth “going gets tough”.

So when you feel like you are READY to put aside old excuses and thought habits and learn how to consistently and methodically access your own inner wisdom and take back your power and start consciously creating a reality you love to live….

It is time to work with a coach!

Ana has been a coach and mentor to me for many years. Her intuitive nature and thoughtful responses helped me to uncover my mental or emotional “blocks” that held me back. In our sessions, she is fully present and able to help me articulate my goals and find ways to remove whatever is blocking them. Ana holds a safe space for self-reflection and growth. She provides honest feedback and useful techniques to help shift those negative thought patterns that are easy to stay in. I highly recommend her program.
— R. Kent
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Personal Guidance System Coaching

My name is Ana Coffey and through Personal Guidance System (PGS) Coaching and Reiki, I help people discover how to access their inner wisdom by teaching them how to effectively use their 3 part personal guidance system to gather information and open the connection to their higher consciousness.

This sounds really big, because it is really big. I essentially teach people how to answer their own biggest and deepest questions so that they can make decisions that are simultaneously in alignment with their highest goals and with who they really are at the most basic level.

Want to know if I’m the right coach for you? Let’s chat about it! This call is free and there is absolutely NO obligation to work together afterwards. No, you are not wasting my time if you call and don’t commit to a coaching session. Getting to know people’s goals, dreams, desires and obstacles is helpful for me as well. So don’t hesitate to click the link and shoot me an email. Worst case scenario is we have a really awesome chat and you gain some clarity on what kind of coach IS going to be the best fit for you!

Learn a little more about HOW I offer my services and what coaching option might be a good fit for you! Have Questions about the coaching packages? Make sure you send an email my way by using the contact tab!

A little about me…

My life has been a series of difficult lessons, crammed in one after another, to help me learn more about myself. I think everyone's life is this way. The key is learning how to see difficulty and fear for what they really are...teachers.

For most of my life I was resigned to being depressed, hating myself, and just trudging through life day after day because that is what I believed I deserved. There was always a part of me that whispered “You are here to do great things”, but I was so caught up in self-hatred that I ignored it. I believed that happiness was this beautiful, fleeting emotion, that happened every once in a while and anyone who claimed to be genuinely happy was kidding themselves or faking it!

Today, happiness is my general state of being. When I am feeling sad or frustrated or anxious,  I know that it is just my "check engine light" coming on to let me know something needs to change.  I have overcome depression, love addiction, codependency, victim mentality, constant anxiety, and self hatred. I have healed painful relationships and learned to forgive people who have hurt me. I released beliefs that no longer serve me and I have taken full responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I have taken control of my life!

It feels absolutely amazing to recognize that I am a powerful, magical being and I am full of love and compassion and joy. It is wonderful to feel connected to my own inner guidance system and to the loving energy all around me. I feel like I know how to take control of my life, I have to tools to change any belief, I can manifest anything, and I know you can feel this way too.

I love being a Mirror for people. I love standing in the knowledge of how truly GOOD you are and looking at your life situation and thought patterns from this foundational vantage point.

I love working with people to discover the right Questions to ask that really get to the root of any “problems” they may be experiencing and I love helping people to let those limiting beliefs go.

PGS Coaching Might Be For You If You Want To…

Control How You Create Your Reality!

  • Fill your toolbox with different methods of changing old, reactive, habitual thought patterns, so that once you decide on a new empowering belief, you can make it stick, and begin to see real changes in your reality.

  • Experiment with different tools to find the methods that you can really enjoy and that work best for your unique schedule and goals.

  • Learn how to methodically and consistently access your inner guidance systems so that you can consciously make decisions that are actually in alignment with your goals without letting fear control you.

Boost Your Confidence And Learn To Trust Yourself:

  • Build trust in yourself by not denying the physical and emotional aspects of who you are.

  • Establish loving and firm boundaries around how you want to be treated.

  • Start creating a more nurturing internal environment for your self growth and break the cycles of self-judgement and negative self-talk

Gain Clarity About Who You Are, What You Want And How You Want To Feel:

  • Learn to use your three part guidance system to uncover the limiting beliefs you didn’t realize you had and start replacing them with beliefs that empower you.

  • Figure out what you actually love to do and what unique strengths and gifts you have to offer this world.

  • Learn how to ask meaningful and to the point questions about yourself and your beliefs

  • AND learn how to get quiet enough to receive information from your higher consciousness and finally know what it feels like for the “universe to have your back!”

Learn How To Authentically Communicate:

  • Start getting to the bottom of your emotions and figuring out WHY you feel the way you do.

  • Learn how to translate emotions and belief systems into logical concepts that other people can understand.

  • Empower yourself through vulnerability and learn how to communicate compassionately.

  • Get to know yourself so well that you begin to see the similarities you share with others and learn to be a more effective listener.

  • Start to heal your relationships with others and inspire greater intimacy and authenticity!

Allow Yourself To Be Seen:

  • Sometimes we just need someone to listen, believe in us and act as a mirror to reflect our beliefs back to us with love and compassion.

  • Give yourself permission to create a healing space for your personal transformation and allow yourself to be supported by someone who knows how inherently powerful, limitless and valuable you are.

BONUS: Get Yourself Some Reiki Energy Healing Assistance:

  • Ana is also a Reiki practitioner and often uses Reiki to enhance her sessions with clients.

  • Allow Reiki energy healing to support your personal healing and growth process

  • Use Reiki to help gain access to your subconscious to release limiting beliefs on an energetic level.

  • Use Reiki principles to support your meditation practice and to add nurturing and compassionate perspective to you self-inquiry.

PGS Coaching Is NOT For You If…

  • You are looking for a licensed therapist to assist you with a serious medical / psychological condition, are looking for someone to diagnose a psychological / medical condition OR you are in a position where you are afraid you may hurt yourself or others.

    • If you are in this position, PLEASE seek professional help. There are licensed professional therapists who would love to help you through this stage in your life. I am not a licensed therapist.

  • You are looking for someone to change your reality for you and are not willing to do the inner work with determination, persistence and a sense of humor.

Interested In Learning More?

When you email to book a free consultation, I will email you back to set a time to chat. During your free consultation we can discuss your goals, my methods, process and pricing. There is no obligation to work together after the call. This is simply a chance to get to know each other and to see if we are a good fit for working together.

Not sure if this is the right time to invest in you? Just stay in the loop by getting on my mailing list and get your free mediation guide.

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