If Knowledge is Power, Then Emotions are Superpowers!

This is something that I am super passionate about! I wanted to start by giving you a little background on my story and then the 5 concepts you need to know to turn your emotions into your superpower. If you would rather watch the video, scroll to the end!

Emotions were not always my superpower!

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In fact, they used to be more like my Kryptonite.

I spent many years of my life completely denying the emotional aspect of myself. From a young age, I grew up in a household where mental illness was prevalent and (no matter how loving and nurturing and awesome my upbringing was) I was acutely aware of how seriously debilitating depression, anxiety and PTSD can be. In my mind, I associated all intensely uncomfortable emotions with mental illness, and I was terrified by them. I was terrified of being emotionally overwhelmed and then diagnosed with a mental illness and I was terrified of being put on medication (even though I knew on a mental level that they could be truly helpful) and no longer in control. So instead of feeling my emotions, and accepting them, and learning from them, I stuffed them deep down and tried to throw away the key.

I immersed myself in my masculine energy and focused on developing and valuing my masculine traits. I put my head down and pushed my way through every obstacle. I tried to solve every problem by working harder and longer than anyone else. I avoided friendships with women and worked in male dominated industries (tree work, landscaping, etc).

The problem with pretending not to be emotional, and stuffing down all emotions, is that every once in a while (more like once or twice a month) I would have a full on emotional breakdown. A huge tidal wave of emotion would completely knock me flat and I would barely be able to do anything for days. I would sink into these deep depressions and this would simply reinforce the beliefs I held about emotions.

I believed that emotions were scary, that they were a weakness and an obstacle that needed to be overcome. I believed that if I gave my emotions any leeway, they would completely take control over me and every time I experienced this severe emotional overwhelm, I would “prove” these believes right. I was also terrified to seek help because I was afraid of that diagnosis, of medication and of my fear that something was really wrong with me, being proven true.

Then I found an outlet that allowed me to explore my femininity, aerial circus. I found a way to control my emotions to some extent by using my physical body to turn them into art. I was able to move my body in an emotional and feminine way and then I was able to perform and share that part of myself with other people. This did not “solve” my problems, by any means, but it did begin to relieve some of the pressure.

I started to slowly look at my emotions in a new light and today I have had a complete change of heart. Today, I view my emotions as my biggest superpower! My emotions are my most effective tool for uncovering my beliefs and knowing myself as the deepest levels.

This practice of using emotions as a tool for self growth and self-knowledge has improved my life in so many ways. It has allowed me…

  • to develop a self love practice that felt true and powerful for me

  • to feel like I can confidently solve problems and get to the bottom of what is causing my emotions as they occur

  • rescue my relationships by allowing me to be vulnerable and authentically communicate what is actually going inside of me in a way that others can understand.

  • to develop this amazing tribe of people who love and support ALL of who I am, emotions included!

So let’s get into the 5 “C’s” behind using emotions as superpowers!


 In order to gain control over our emotions, instead of letting them control us, we need to STOP denying our emotions and start embracing and accepting ourselves as emotional beings. Be open to the idea that emotions are actually here to help us, not harm us. We need to stop hiding our emotions away and shaming ourselves for having this natural, normal, amazing human quality.

Our emotions are our guidance system. Like the pain that comes from leaving our hand on a hot stove, uncomfortable emotions make us acutely and immediately aware when we are creating our reality using fear based beliefs. In the same way, extremely good feeling emotions let us know that we are on the right track and that our beliefs, in that moment, are in alignment with the higher truth of who we are. Our emotions are there to guide and teach us about our beliefs and give us that “warmer or colder” style feedback about the decisions we make (whether that be thoughts or behaviors).

When we decide to view our emotions as an asset and use them as a tool to get to know ourselves at the deepest level we step away from that victim mentality and take our power back.


Emotions can be intense. It is easy to develop the fear that if we fully FEEL our emotions, that we will loose all control and sink so deeply into the hurt or sadness or rage or anxiety that we will never be happy again. That may read as a little melodramatic, but to some degree, if you are this far into this blog post, you know what I am talking about!

We are also afraid of taking responsibility for the beliefs that caused these uncomfortable emotions in the first place. We are afraid that something is actually really wrong with us because we have been trained to put so much emphasis on the power of beliefs, instead of the concept that beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking and they can be changed.

It takes courage to face all this fear, to be willing to actually FEEL your emotions and sit in the discomfort, to acknowledge and accept the emotions as they come up, and to get curious and dig into your own depths to take responsibility for uncovering the beliefs that are causing those emotions. This process can take a little time, especially in the beginning and there is a lot of fessing up that needs to happen and a lot of responsibility that needs to be taken. But this is where your power lies, in your ability to take responsibility for your beliefs, but to believe in your own ability to change.


A large part of why we communicate is to collaborate on solving problems. However, it is impossible to communicate something effectively, or problem solve efficiently, if we do not fully understand what we are communicating about.

When we do not know WHY we are getting emotional we tend to just blame it on whatever triggered the emotion. We blame instead of taking responsibility. We blame our spouses, our friends, our work, our family member, the weather, the neighbor’s cat (you get the picture), and this means that we end up communicating about problems on a very superficial level and making the other party put up all their emotional defenses in the process. When we neglect to figure out the underlying cause of a problem or an emotional trigger, we are never able to come to permanent solutions because we are not addressing the underlying beliefs that caused the emotions in the first place.

As we develop our courage and curiosity and we become more efficient at uncovering the beliefs behind our emotions, we are able to communicate on a deeper, more vulnerable, more efficient and more authentic level. It is like two doctors discussing “who gave the illness to who”, instead of talking about what caused the illness in the first place and what to do about it!


The more we know ourselves, the more compassion we have for ourselves and others. As we build up evidence for the idea that we get to choose how we react to our emotions and we get to choose to identify (or not) with the beliefs behind those emotions, we begin to naturally veer towards being more compassionate with ourselves. We realize that it is okay that we feel uncomfortable emotions sometimes. In fact, it’s great, because it’s a new chance to learn about ourselves.

We also begin to have compassion for people who have not done this work and we can step back enough from them to have that compassion because we no longer blame them for our own emotional reactions. When others act out of ignorance and fear, we can empathize and we also know that there will be plenty of times STILL when we will fall back into those same patterns and that is okay. We are all on different parts of the same circular path.


Training our emotional superpowers gives us a foundation for change. When we know WHO we are and What we believe, we can start to decide what we are going to do with that information!

We can ask ourselves the big questions at anytime, questions like…Who do we want to be, Why are we here, How do we want to feel, What do we want to believe, How do we want to show up in the world? But without a solid foundational understanding of where we are starting, we cannot effectively answer these big questions.

The big questions are great. They give us a compass, a general direction in which to travel, but it is the small, everyday decisions that make up the road-map. Our emotions tell us which way to turn at every crossroads. They are as equally crucial in small scale decision making as they are in answering life’s big questions and we need both to have a successful life-long road-trip!

In other words, using emotions to understand ourselves, is a super important part of creating the reality that we truly want to live!

Thanks for sticking with me through this post. I am still working on articulating my thoughts in a clear and concise manor on video, so I like to write them down in addition to posting the FB lives. But if you want the video version, feel free to click the link below.

Don’t Forget! I want to start a conversation around these topics, so PLEASE leave your comments and questions below and I will be happy to reply!

Love you all,


What are you just "Not Available For"?

Hello everyone. This is just a short FB live re-post about Facing our Fears and saying

“I am NOT AVAILABLE for that fear of ______________, because the reality of my situation is ____(insert how you want to be instead)_______________!”.

My biggest fear that I am no longer available for is that …

No matter how hard I try or how authentic I am or how much content I create, I will never succeed.

That is a pretty big fear that has the potential to do a lot of damage to be and my business. So I am deciding to just not have time for that @#$@ and am no longer available to entertain that idea.

Instead, the reality of the situation is, that I am a powerful creator of my own reality. I am attracting people into my life who can benefit from my story, my experience and the method and tools around personal growth that I have developed.

The reality of the situation is that I Am Valuable and I have everything I need inside me in this moment to create a successful and purposeful life.


Anything that you can dream up is already available to you. You are THAT POWERFUL! So don’t waste time dreaming up all the ways you can limit yourself, dream about all the ways you can succeed, because sometimes…..”ain’t nobody got time for fear!”

Love all of you. The links to the video and podcast I mention in the video are below. Enjoy!

I mention Marie Forleo’s video and the Angie Lee Show podcast in this video so here are the links for those resources if you want to look them up!

Marie Forleo’s Year In Review Video: https://www.marieforleo.com/2016/12/year-in-review/

And the Angie Lee Show podcast is here: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/angie-lee-2/hungry-for-more-podcast

The Trials and Triumphs of Turning 30!

Thank you for bearing witness to this reflection on my past and my commitment to stepping into my power and greatness as I step into being 30!

(FB live on the topic is at the bottom of the page, but the blog is different and more concise in a lot of ways, so worth the read!)

The Trials and triumphs of (1).png

I turn 30 tomorrow and though for many of you, this birthday has come and past and no longer feels significant, for me, turning thirty represents a major turning point in my life. As I step into this new decade, I am acknowledging this moment of stepping into a new, more authentic and more holistic version of me with gratitude and reflecting on all the lessons and wisdom that I am taking with me, hard won from a great many trials and mistakes.

Thinking about the main trials and triumphs of my life so far makes me realize just how far I have come in just the past 10 years. It also makes me realize that it was my trials, my darkest nights of the soul, that have allowed me the opportunity to have any triumphs at all. My trials are the groundwork, the foundation of my triumphs.

For most of my late teens and early twenties, I was in the dark.

There has always been light in my life, but during that time I did not choose to see it.

I chose to identify myself based off my flaws and shortcomings instead of identifying myself based off the unconditional, infinite, loving core that we all share. That is one MASSIVE SHIFT!

Living in the constant fear that you don’t belong, that you have no value or power, that you are not worthy of love or acceptance, that you are really a monster and one day someone is going to find out, is paralyzing and it is so…very…lonely.

Living in that constant fear puts you in survival mode and we create an identity for ourselves based on how we believe we can best survive.

For me, I created a survival identity that was small and powerless and invisible. I would pop up here and there, to try to be helpful and supportive of others, but always in small ways, never in big ones. I would poor out the love in my heart to anyone who would lap it up, but I was too afraid to be with someone who could fully love me back, because that would involve being seen, and accepting love that I did not believe that I deserved. I hid behind mask after mask, trying to be who I perceived everyone else wanted me to be, changing masks moment to moment and trying to keep track of them all.

My heart broke again and again, not because my lovers and friends broke it, but because I had allowed it to weaken over the years by starving it of love.

I couldn’t allow other people’s love into the deep parts of my heart, because I did not love myself.

When we don’t love ourselves, it is as if the deepest part of our heart, the seed of our soul, our child self, goes into hiding, it gets locked away. That is part of survival mode. That seed of our soul hides away so it can be safe for a time and so it doesn’t break when our heart does. It hides away to try and give us as much of a chance and as much time to learn to love ourselves as possible, before we give up entirely.

Luckily, at 19 years old, I had a trial that brought me to a point where I couldn’t handle any more pain. I had to make that choice to live or not. Not to survive or not… to Live or not. Surviving in that amount of pain, loneliness and despair was not an option anymore. That decision to LIVE, really live, is the foundation that the rest of my life rests upon.

That first dark night of the soul trial, gave me the determination to learn from each future mistake and slowly figure out how to love myself, how to find connection to others, how to know my own value and worthiness, and how to stand in my power.  

I have always had a little voice inside of me, even in the toughest times that whispered,

“You are meant for greatness! You are special and magical, and you are meant to be MORE than you are now!”

Deciding, even for just a moment, to listen to that voice gave me to courage to reach out to a counselor for help. To be honest, that counselor wasn’t that much help, but the decision to stand up for myself and seek out help was the most important thing.

Over the course of my 20’s, I continued to make a lot of mistakes and put myself through a lot of trials, and each gave me more information about my true nature.

I did a lot of starting over from scratch (new location, no job, no money) and through those adventures, I learned about my own strength and resilience. I learned humility from the number of times I needed to ask for help. I learned that I am resourceful and that I don’t give up easily. I learned that most people are kind and that I have a lot of offer in return for kindness.  

I did a lot of searching for love in co-dependent relationship after co-dependent relationship and learned that Love, from other people, is not enough when you don’t love yourself. I learned the hard way that…

Depending on someone else for your happiness puts that person in energetic chains that they cannot see but, on a deep level, desperately long to escape and that this is a burden no one can bare for long.

These relationships taught me that I was responsible for my own reality and I decided that I was going to take responsibility for my own happiness.

I did a lot of following my intuition from job to job, place to place, from person to person, and I learned that my intuition always leads me to the most interesting situations, the most profound lessons and ALWAYS requires that I face my fears!


Eventually, I met my husband and I was back to facing my biggest fear. The fear that I was not worthy of love.

I had decided to not repeat old relationship patterns! I knew that I had to choose to learn to love myself if I wanted to break my cycle of co-dependency and make our relationship work. I had to allow that self-love to nourish my heart and unlock the seed of my soul before I could fully accept the love he wanted to give me.

So, I practiced finding compassion for myself. Empathy for myself. I did the work and I asked my husband to keep me accountable for doing that work.

I committed to meditating daily. I started to see and feel glimpses of my true nature (of infinite love, potential and connection), and began to allow the garments of identity that I had gathered over the years to fall away in those moments. Meditation gave me that basic understanding of oneness and through that understanding I began to extend compassion and forgiveness to people in my life who had hurt me.

As I began to forgive them, I started to understand that, although I had released much of the anger I was holding in my heart towards others, I was still angry at myself. I was angry at myself for all the times in my life that I didn’t love or care for myself, that I didn’t stick up for myself and that I allowed myself to be hurt. I began to visualize meetings with my child self, my teen self, my 20 something self, my future self, my negative self……all the “selves”…. and, I forgave myself and healed myself and extended that offering of love to all the selves that I had neglected and turned aside from over the years.

I accepted all the parts of myself that I had once labeled as “flaws” and began using them as my strengths. Most notably, I accepted my emotional nature and began using the emotions that I had once labeled as “weaknesses”, to strengthen my insight into myself and to clarify and strengthen my communication in a deeply vulnerable and authentic way. Starting first with my husband and then extending that authentic communication practice to a wider circle of people.

Eventually I created a system around my inner work, a method that simplified my internal questioning and self-discovery and made it routine part of my daily life.

Now, as I step into 30 and all the new opportunities that this decade has to offer, I want to share that method with others. I want to guide and support people on their journey towards self-love, self-empowerment, self-knowledge, authentic communication and mindfulness. I want to help people learn to listen to their own inner wisdom and that little voice that whispers that they are MORE; more full of love, more powerful, more limitless, more vibrant, more healthy and happy and FREE than they are allowing themselves to be a the moment.   

So this year, you will be seeing MORE of me and hearing MORE of me because I am committing to expansion and I am breaking free from my “being small” identity! My new identity is all about love without limits and I am excited to share THAT with the world!

Leaving you with love as always, catch you next time!



Sitting With Shame:

Sitting with Shame.png

Man has no Body distinct from his Soul for that called Body is a portion of Soul discerned by the five Senses 

~William Blake


We all go through periods of intense transition in our lives, deep valleys spanning between our mountains of accomplishment. When we are in these shadowed places it is easy to feel everything is going wrong and more intimately, as if WE are somehow wrong.

Let me briefly set the scene for my life right now. I am turning 30 in a few months.  My husband and I just moved out of the small RV that we have been living in for the past year and a half, into a set of rented rooms in a friend’s house while we work on constructing our dream home. My summer job at a local farm is coming to an end. Hours and income are dwindling, and I am trying to get a new business off the ground. 

Essentially, lots of shadowy transitions are happening and I could feel myself begin to panic as I checked on my bank accounts.  When we decided to move out of the RV and into our friend’s house for the winter, I had offered to take on the responsibility for rent, leaving my husband free to save up money for closing costs and upcoming construction loan payments.

I could feel that sinking, heavy weight in my abdomen and the tightening of my throat, as I started comparing the money in my account to the looming rent, student loans and credit card bills. I wasn’t going to be able to make it work, and knowing this felt like failure.

The truth of the situation is that my husband has a great career as a high school teacher, and as a married unit, we have plenty of money. I have a beautiful, loving relationship with my husband, we are not going to be homeless, there will be plenty of food on the table, and there is no reason for me to panic!

Despite knowing all this on an intellectual level, I found myself constantly sinking into this mentality of lack and not enough, because my personal bank accounts are low and I might have to…( *insert gasp*)… Ask For Help! I don’t have to ask a stranger or a distant relative I barely know. I don’t even have to ask my parents. I just have to ask my husband, who loves me and is always happy to give me what I need, for a little money for rent this month, and I was panicking.

The other funny thing is, this was not even the first time my husband has covered the rent. It’s not like we have completely separate finances, but for some reason all of these emotions were coming up for me full force. Just goes to show that emotions and limiting beliefs can surface at any time and be triggered by almost anything.

Despite my tendencies to get VERY stressed out, one thing I love about myself is that I am a beautiful mix of opposites. I am trained in the sciences and can be super logical and rational, and I fully believe in the value of scientific methodology. At the same time, I am also intuitive, extremely emotional and full of faith in the benevolent, helpful and magical nature of our universe.

When I am in extreme emotional discomfort, I tend to take advantage of all my resources to look deeply at the issue and try to figure out why I am experiencing those uncomfortable emotions. I go about my process of personal development like a scientist! Essentially, I use the scientific method to isolate the root of my emotions; I ask a question, formulate my hypothesis, test my hypothesis, record my observations, analyze my observations and use them to find a new question to ask.

However, instead of basing my personal development purely on quantifiable data, all of my inquiries are based on the faith I have in these concepts:

  • It is my true nature to be happy, and full of trust and love.

  • I am a connected part of a greater energetic whole; a divine spark in a divine universe.

  • I control my thoughts, which then shape my reality.

  • All the resources I need are available to me right now; I just have to be open to receiving them.


My personal development experiments are pretty much ongoing, but certain questions can take weeks or months to answer. In this case, my first question was “What is blocking my abundance right now and causing these feelings of panic and anxiety?”  

My first hypothesis was, “FEAR. I must be afraid. This must be my fear of ‘not having enough’ bubbling up for me.” To test this hypothesis I needed to become clear on what I was afraid of when it came to my financial situation.  And let me just say, the lists of fears and limiting beliefs filled up page after page in my journal. After the writing purge, I sat with each fear, saying it out loud, and paying close attention to my body, observing how I physically responded to each verbalized fear.  

The way our bodies physically respond to our thoughts, especially if we say them out loud, is SO COOL and provides really amazing data. Everyone’s bodies can do this, it just takes knowing where to place our focus and what to look for.

When I say something that I believe to be true or that I have identified with, I experience a physical reaction. If I say or think something I believe to be false, I won’t really feel anything.

But just because we “believe” something doesn’t make it TRUE. So how do we tell the difference between the negative or limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves, and the beliefs that align with who we truly are?

The answer to that question gives us a chance to realize how integrally linked our physical bodies are to our thoughts and emotions. When I say something or think something that I believe to be true and it is NOT in alignment with my true nature (someone who is happy and powerful and full of trust and love), I will feel an uncomfortable dissonant sensation of constriction or tightening or weight in my body. My stomach will sink or my throat will tighten, like it does when I am trying not to cry, or I may get stabbing pains in my chest, reminiscent of a panic attack.

Conversely, when I say or think something that I believe to be true that IS in alignment with who I am, I feel light and open and free. My body will noticeably relax or hum with a pleasant, resonant energy. This is the feeling people refer to when they say that something deeply “resonates” with them.

Going through my list of fears gave me a lot of good data, and my fears certainly felt relevant to the situation, but none of them felt like the root of the problem. None of my fears fully explained the reason why I was blocking abundance or why I was panicking over my bank accounts.

More importantly I wasn’t sure how to continue in a scientific manner. I didn’t know what question to ask next.

Feeling totally stumped and a little frustrated, I reached into my faith. I started taking a few minutes every day to open up and ask the universe for some clarity and guidance. I would get to work a few minutes early and sit in the car with my eyes closed and just start talking to the universe, stating my intentions in my mind; “Universe, I am open to guidance and clarity. Please help me resolve these feeling of panic around my finances. Help me open to receiving abundance in my life!”

There is so much truth in the statement, “Ask and you shall receive,” and as silly as it sounds, talking to the universe works for me every time!

Days after I started setting my intentions to be more open to guidance, my sister invited me to a workshop she was running all about the ways we block abundance and how we can allow more abundance into our lives. One of her talking points was titled “Avoiding Vulnerability”, and as soon as she said those words, a thought came to my mind and demanded my attention:

“If I ask for help, then any accomplishment I make thereafter is null and void. I didn’t do it and I can’t feel proud of the accomplishment if I accept help along the way.”

This thought felt like the metaphorical tap on the shoulder and I knew I had to immediately write it down. When I voiced this in the workshop, my sister said something along the lines of “Does the first place marathon runner not get a medal at the end of the race because she didn’t make her own shoes, or grow the food that she ate that morning? We are all inseparably interdependent and asking for help NEVER diminishes our accomplishments. In fact, you should be congratulated for taking the initiative and making the best use of your resources to accomplish your goals!”

 This was so wonderfully helpful to me! Not because it gave me the “end all, be all” answer to my initial question, but because it allowed me to see the next important question.

 “Why am I afraid to ask for help and tap into my resources when it comes to money?”

The answer didn’t come immediately.  There was no light bulb “AHA” moment. So I just continued my ritual of asking the universe for help and guidance each morning and continued to set my intentions to be more open to receiving help.

This time, the answer came through a podcast I was listening to at work. The idea hit me hard and true; I was ashamed.

Shame is an emotion that I normally try to ignore or distract myself from as soon as possible, but the subject of this particular podcast was all about sitting with your emotions and allowing yourself to feel them fully in your body. At this point, the financial panic wasn’t going away and I was uncomfortable enough with it to try anything that might help.

So I sat with my shame, on my friend’s front stoop after I got home from work that day. I sat with my shame and allowed the physical feeling of shame to fill my body. It was so intense! Slimy and heavy, the shame filled my gut and closed my throat and filled my eyes with tears. But it didn’t kill me! I may have felt overwhelming emotional pain, but it did no harm to my physical body to sit there and witness what shame really feels like.

The longer I sat there, the more thoughts came into my mind about why I felt so much shame around money, where that shame came from in the first place, why it was not based in truth and why it no longer resonated with who I truly am right now. Before I knew it more journal pages were covered in my hasty scrawl, records to be looked over and analyzed later, when I wasn’t feeling so raw.

Brene Brown defines shame as, “…the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging – something we’ve experienced, done, or failed to do makes us unworthy of connection.”

So why was I so full of shame around money?

I was full of shame because I had made an agreement with myself as a little girl that stated “I will never rely on anyone else, especially my spouse, for money. I will always be financially independent so that no one will ever be able to trap me in an abusive situation.” This pact was the armor that protected me from re-living my mother’s experience, and prevented me from making my mother’s mistakes. 

From an outside, objective standpoint, asking my husband to transfer a little money to me to help with rent this month is not a huge deal. However, from an interior, subconscious, emotional viewpoint, I was essentially breaking a solemn promise that I made to myself. Breaking this longstanding pact required that I take off my armor and be vulnerable with myself and with my husband in a whole new way. I would have to trust that this financial link between me and my husband would not lead to feeling trapped in an abusive situation in the future.

I gave myself the time to sit… and feel… and integrate the fullness of these realizations. As the knowledge of my past agreements came to the forefront of my mind, I was able to experience them fully and by observing my body’s reactions, I was able to discern that this agreement was no longer in alignment with my true nature.

Right now, I am a woman who trusts the universe and who trusts and loves her husband. I am a woman who has learned that her value is inherent and not based on the numbers in her bank account. I am a woman who is no longer served by this old agreement, and though it may have served me in past relationships, the time has come to let it go.

This experience was a huge opportunity for self acceptance and compassion. I was able to feel my shame and say to myself, “Even though I feel this shame, I truly and deeply love and accept myself.”

 I was able to think of my mother, who taught me the importance of financial independence because of her love for me and her fear for my future. Despite the pain and blockages brought on by those lessons, I have full compassion and gratitude for her.

I was able to have compassion for the fact that it was her personal experiences that instilled that fear and shame in her. I was able to forgive her for passing that shame onto me and I was able to forgive myself for accepting that shame into my experience.

This was it; within minutes of sitting down on the front stoop and holding that space for my shame, the compassion and forgiveness I felt spread back in time, encompassing my mother and grandmother and great-grandmothers, healing and soothing generations of pain and dis-empowerment.

The end result of sitting with my shame was a feeling of elation, compassion and loving oneness. It was totally worth the weeks of asking and experimenting and the temporary pain of allowing my body to fully feel. 

This all goes to show that the objective facts about our reality often have less sway on the way that we perceive the world than do the deep seeded beliefs and agreements that we hold within ourselves.  These pacts are linked to the information we picked up and stored subconsciously as children and the cycles of fear, shame and negativity that get passed down through the generations.

Breaking these cycles is possible! This incredibly important work is something that not only enriches the relationship we have with ourselves, but also the relationships we foster throughout our lives.

 This is why it is so important to be self-aware enough to end the shame and fear cycles, and release the agreements that no longer serve us. We need to allow ourselves to sit with the shame or fear or guilt or loneliness or heartache in order to prevent the cycle from continuing to the next stage of our lives and into the next generation.  

When we finally break free, we start to walk out of the shadows of transition and up the mountainside to our next great accomplishment.


 Hello Friends!

I know this was a lengthy one, but if you have a few minutes to comment, I would love to hear about what this blog brought up for you and any questions you might have!

Sending love as always,


What do you REALLY want?

This video is all about getting into the habit of questioning yourself until you get to the root of the issue, thought, or feeling.

When we get emotional about something, or are replaying thoughts over and over again in our minds, or are experiencing something intense in our bodies, it is important to move past the superficial explanations and continue to ask yourself “Is that all, or is there more to that story?”. You might be surprised and amazed by what begins to surface.

This process is about is about prioritizing your self growth in your schedule as well. Taking the time to dig deeper and feel more fully and really value the information that you are receiving.

Let's get to the bottom of those emotions and find out what is REALLY going on and what you really want. Get beyond the superficial answers!

Enjoy! If you found value in this content, don’t forget to comment, like or share with friends if that feels right to you.

Sending love as always,


Playing With Silence: Gain control of your thoughts and start your silence practice

Hello Loves,

Are you the type of person who HATES sitting in complete silence?

That used to be me!

Sitting in silence meant that I had to deal with my brain going into overdrive. It meant spiraling down a rabbit hole of self judgement and overwhelm. Does this sound familiar at all?

If you have any desire to start a meditation practice or you just want to be able to actually enjoy some peace and quiet, check out this quick FB Live video on how to play in silence!

Please comment below if you enjoyed the video or if you have any questions or ideas for future videos!