5 Questions To Help You Create Your Unique Morning Routine!

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By this time, I think we can all acknowledge that morning routines are not just a passing phase, they are here to stay. There are a million videos and articles out there outlining the specific morning routines or the rich, famous and “successful”. This is an awesome resource, but your morning routine should be YOURS! Unique to you, your goals, needs, desires and schedule.

This blog gives you the 5 questions you need to ask yourself in order to create a morning routine that truly suits you. Remember that when brainstorming action steps or habits that you want to commit to, it is best to be in a good mood. Do this exercise when you are feeling awesome so that the ideas that come out of your brain will naturally be geared towards creating more awesome in your life!


1.        Why A Morning Routine?

What are you hoping that a morning routine will do for you? Are you looking for extra energy, clarity, motivation, serenity? Use this first question to get really specific about your WHY and make that why very personal to you. If you can, use just 1 or 2 words that strike to the core of your WHY.

2.        What Feelings Do You Want To Create?

Feeling great helps you get things done. It helps you stay motivated and satisfied and helps you dust yourself off and jump back up when you fall down. You have control over the way that you feel! You can also cultivate the feelings you want with habits and rituals that remind you of how you want to feel.

Start by free writing a list of feelings that you value. You can write as many as you would like.

Now narrow it down to your top 3!

Why just 3, you ask?

Morning routines are support routines and are typically limited to … the morning. We do need to leave time for all the other activities that work specifically towards our goals and so focus, and specificity are key. Don’t worry about not focusing on every amazing feeling on your list, typically the top 3 amazing feelings that you choose will easily lead you towards all those other good feelings as you move through your day.


3.       What Actions Support Your WHYs & Your Desired Feelings?

These actions need to be things that feel exciting for you to do. There are so many resources out there examining the exact morning routine of almost every super successful person out there, and those are great for ideas, but your AM actions need to fill YOUR cup. If you aren’t excited about them, you won’t do them and then there will be no morning routine.

Try to limit yourself to less than 5 actions. You can include some of your typical “get ready” steps if they support your goals , if not, think about your morning routine as something done in addition to your normal routine. The 5 actions can be one for each of your goals (Whys and Feelings) or each action can support a combination of goals.

 4.       How much time do you have in the morning?

 (This might be a three-part question…)

  • What time do you want to wake up?

 Let’s say that you need to be at work at 8am, and need to leave the house by 7:30am, you might also refuse to wake up before 5:30am (understandable). Without extra morning routine things, your typical get ready time takes 45 min. This leaves you 1hr and 15 min for your morning routine, BUT you also hate feeling rushed so we will round down to 1hr.


  • How can you schedule your actions to fit your time frame?

Take a look at your actions. How can you fit them into that 1 hr time slot and how much time does each task actually need?

Maybe that the 30 min meditation you wanted to put in there needs to be 15 min, or perhaps you only delegate 5 minutes for journaling, etc.


  • What time do you need to go to bed to get the sleep you need?

 You know yourself by now. Be honest! How much sleep to you need to feel amazing in the morning? A morning routine that begins with you feeling like a zombie and measuring the droopiness of the bags under your eyes with a ruler, is not going to be all that helpful to you.


5.       What Can Be Done The Night Before?

The best morning routines start with a great nighttime routine. Adapt these questions to create a nighttime routine that supports you getting an amazing sleep and maybe helps you spread out some of those action steps.

This could look like no screen time ½hr before bed or spending 10 minutes writing out the next days to do list, or prepping your meals for the next day, etc.

For me, my morning routine (ideally) looks like this 

Text placeholder.png

 At night, I will write out my To Do list for the next day. Then I try to visualize my big goals as I fall asleep. Ideally, I would reduce my screen time before bed, but…. that is a habit that I’m working on. Since I work from home right now, I also have a lunchtime routine of making lunch, watching a quick motivational or educational video while I eat and then I try to head outside for a walk with the dogs (unless it is super-storming outside like it is today)

Try it out and let me know what you think? What is your favorite part of your morning routine? Let me know in the comments below, I love learning about what other people do to stay motivated, happy and on task!

Love you all,