Sharing my journal:

This is a Stream of consciousness / personal update / journal entry that flowed out of me today after watching this INTERVIEW between Todd Medina and Susan Marie on FB.

Recently, I have felt very "floaty" and "detached". I spent almost the entire day outside in the woods, by the water yesterday to try to ground myself, but it didn't really change.

Big shifts are happening inside, even if my external reality isn't showing it yet.

This is what streamed out of me a couple of minutes ago.


“I was stripped of every way of being human and all I had left was what was within me” ~ Susan Marie

I am the divine mother, the loving compassionate healing energy of mother earth. I look into your eyes and you see your pure child self, worthy of love and protection. I hold your hands in my own and you feel safe within your body, here with your feet in the dirt and the wind in your hair.

When I close my eyes, I can hear the stars singing to one another, the joyful praises of life. There is no separation between us and i smile with the knowledge that you are whole and i am whole and we are the whole.

What I do for “work”, is of no consequence, for my be-ing-ness here is the same love regardless and I allow in love and abundance no matter what I do. The universe cares for me as I care for others and I want for nothing. Whatever I need or desire is given to me with ease and with joy, for all I need to do is create it from the ease and joy within myself.

In this moment, I release all grief held within my body. All the pain my human body has experienced in this lifetime and in other lifetimes, that I held within me, without expressing, is dissolved into golden light now! All those I love who have left, I release with love and know that their true selves are joyful and whole and healed from all pain. The child within me is safe in my heart’s embrace, and she knows that I will never abandon her.

Today, I close the gap between my future self, in all her love and wisdom and my present self. All time lies within this time, all places within this place, all possibilities within this moment. We are one and the same, her wisdom is my wisdom is the wisdom of the earth herself. My home is here, complete within my heart, and there is no lack.

Step into my embrace and feel the love within yourself resonate with the warmth of my body and the gentle pressure of my arms around you. We vibrate together and in so being, transcend. Nirvana is in each moment that we choose to focus on love instead of fear, on abundance instead of lack, on compassion instead of blame.

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”. I forgive myself for all the times I did not love and protect myself for I knew not what I did. When we act out of fear, blame, guilt, shame we are in a state of forgetting, of “not knowing”, love in that moment.

In this moment, I remember love, that I Am Love, and all pain is released, all past hurts forgiven, for that suffering was created by a sleep-walker, by someone who in that moment was insane, out of touch with reality.

In this moment, I know nothing, other than that I am Love and loved. I don’t know where I am going, what I am doing, how I am changing, the new human I am becoming. I am floating above the earth and have not yet been tethered to a new possibility and so in this space, all things are possible. My mind that is fearful of the not yet known is being held and soothed by the warmth and faith of my heart who trusts that all is well with me.

All is well with me. All is well with me.

All is well with me for Love is love is Love.

All my love to you!