How do we KNOW that we set the right intentions for 2019?

Let your brain make the lists and your heart make the decisions!


Allow yourself to make lists of goals for 2019. I’m sure many of you have already. Then use the instructions below (or watch the video) to check in with your heart and your body to see if that goal serves you and is in alignment with your highest good.


  1. First Breathe! Try to imagine breathing up and down your body from the area just above your head (heaven) down the the area below the base of your spine (earth). Allow the breath to flow up an down your spine, creating a column of energy that connects the heavens with the earth. Let this breathing shift your focus from your thoughts, to your body and what is happening on a physical and energetic level.

  2. Create a Body Baseline! Notice how your body currently feels and describe that feeling to yourself. Be as accurate and detailed as possible. Do not judge, just observe and allow. This is like hitting the TARE button on a digital scale. Whatever is on the scale (whatever you’re feeling or experiencing) is the control and is set now at 0. This will give us a much better idea of what sensations and emotions are actually associated with the goal / intention and which sensations were just already there or connected to something else entirely!

  3. Once you are feeling nice and calm and aware of your body…

  4. Say the goal or intention Out Loud three times! This little ritual focuses and enhances the energy of your goal and enhances your body’s response so that it is magnified and easier to notice. If just saying it is not enough, imagine that you just completed your goal or that you are currently in the energy of your goal (for those of you who just choose a single word as your intention).

  5. Keep breathing, step back and get curious! Check in and notice how your body responded! Describe as accurately and with as much detail as possible…

    1. What does it feel like in your physical body to achieve your goal?

    2. What part of your body has the most intense sensation? What is that sensation?

    3. What emotions are associated with that sensation or with your goal?

Okay, Great job! You collected all your data, now how do we interpret it?

Generally and especially at first, your body’s guidance systems (mental, emotional and physical) work kind of like a game of “Warmer and Colder”. In this game the thing you are searching for alignment with the loving and infinite divine nature of your higher self. When you experience sensations that feel really GOOD, it is your body letting you know that you are “getting warmer” and on the right track. You are in alignment or close to alignment with your highest good.

If your body starts singing with joy and is open, expansive, free and light then that goal is a keeper! Really notice that feeling in your body. Describe the physical feeling in as much detail as you can and as accurately as you can, also describe or try to name the emotions associated with that physical feeling.

Ask yourself how you can experience this feeling every single day. What activities give you this feeling, what thoughts allow for this feeling? Or maybe it is just setting time aside to meditate and create this feeling in your body and basking in it for a few minutes each day.

You are getting “Colder” when your body feels constricted, contracted, small, tense or heavy, then that goal you set may not be in alignment with your highest good. Getting “colder” is just part of the game, and it is a fun part, because it makes you evaluate, wonder, and figure out where to go next. Notice exactly what your body feels like and describe it as accurately as possible and maybe even write it down. Notice the emotions that come up for you as well, as you spend time in awareness of your physical body.

 Ask yourself, “How would I rather feel?” and “How can I change or re-word or clarify my goal so that it will align with my higher good and how I want to feel?”. When you notice this contraction or heavy feeling in your body in your day to day life, stop, breathe and accept how you are feeling in the moment. Then, state your desire in your mind or out loud about how you would rather feel and try to describe that physical feeling. Breathe and as you describe to yourself how you would rather feel, notice your physical sensations start to change.

Go through your list of goals and make notes on the emotions and physical sensations associated with each goal. Then modify your list so that only goals that feel right are on there! Also list out your goals for how you want to feel emotionally and how you want to feel physically in 2019!

 I hope this technique / exercise was helpful to you! Sending love and best wishes that your 2019 is the best year EVER!