Intuition Leads To Growth NOT Ease!

Just a video this week loves! This is the story of how and why I left my career as an Aerial Circus Arts teacher “Because my intuition told me to!” and how it challenged me and expanded me and put my on a path that is even more aligned with my soul’s purpose!


  • Intuition leads to the experiences that you most need, to teach you the lessons you most need to learn, right now!

  • Following your intuition is rarely easy, because lessons are learned in discomfort not ease

  • Sometimes, we base our identity on the WRONG things, and we need to learn who we really are by stripping away all the things we are NOT.

  • There is always expansion and growth beyond the lessons and though it can be hard, there is always love and light on the other side!

Love you all, hope you enjoy! Please comment below and share if it resonated with you in any way!