Acceptance, Appreciation and Adaptation

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The theme of this first week of January is Self-acceptance and the foundational role it plays in effective goal setting.

Today, I want to add Appreciation and Adaptation to the list of useful tools to achieving our goals.

On Monday we talked about how Acceptance is the act of not resisting what IS. It is being in balance instead of being in fight, flight or flee mode. It is existing in alignment with the higher part of you that knows “everything is working out just fine” and that “the universe has your back”. It allows us to objectively assess, set effective goals and stick to those goals.


“when the universe throws lemons at you, acceptance allows you to calmly and clearly decide to A. not take it personally and B. make lemon meringue pie” (or lemonade…whatever).

Acceptance allows us to regain balance and equilibrium when we experience difficulty.

However, with a sole focus on Acceptance it can be tricky to not fall into the mindset of “Well, this is just how it is and I need to accept it and soldier on with my original plan for how I am going to do things”. But when we allow ourselves to experience moments of appreciation and allow ourselves to adapt and flow with the difficulties and opportunities (and the opportunities that disguise themselves as difficulties) we can have fun flowing and finding a true balance while working towards our goals.

Sometimes, it is nice to fly a little higher and feel a little lighter and Acceptance is the perfect foundation for Appreciation. Appreciation puts you in this vibration of not only being able to dodge and utilize life’s lemons, but being able to recognize the moments when the universe just hands you a perfect “Pie” of an opportunity.

So if we can wake up in the morning and begin with accepting who you are in this new day and then use that to springboard into all the things that you appreciate, amazing things start happening.

My ideal practice (I try for some variation of this daily) looks a lot like…

  1. Wake up, hit snooze, revel in the joy of being under scrumptious covers and pillows and how warm and amazing and comfortable my bed is!

  2. Alarm goes off again (possibly repeat step 1), get out of bed, make my bed and make tea

  3. Go back to sitting on my bed with my journal and my headphones and write out my list of appreciations, or goals or “I Am” statements or affirmations and listen to some meditation music

  4. Meditate for 15-20 minutes where I focus on that feeling of appreciation and love


So now I am in a vibration of appreciation when I start my day. How long this last for … varies to say the least. But I always have Acceptance to fall back on when I start to veer into victim mentality or begin to doubt myself, or when I get hit in the forehead by a lemon. This allows me to practice the amazing human gift of …


Adaptation, which is Allowing (yes another A) the actions we take to change depending on our circumstances. Adaptation is being open to the organic opportunities the universe provides for us. It is seeing the lessons in life and being able to change “HOW” we are achieving our goals.

I don’t want acceptance to be the act of trudging through the mud while life throws fruit at you and being unwilling to adapt because you are so focused on accepting what is.

I want acceptance to be a tool for finding balance and regaining your foundation so that you can ask “How can I adapt to this new circumstance in a way that I can appreciate and find joy in?”

We cannot ask that question when we are in victim-hood or when we are sunk in the mud, focused on survival. Acceptance reduces our resistance to what is enough that we can change our perspective!

So open up, allow and adapt to those opportunities, Appreciate how delicious those opportunities really are and how awesome you are for acting on them and use acceptance to help you find your balance again when you fall down.

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Love you all and don’t forget to leave your comments and questions down below!