Today: A Satisfaction Manifesto

** This one is short and sweet. I just wanted to briefly share with you what my life has been about recently. I wrote this contract to myself, this proclamation, this manifesto and I really wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy!*** 


Today, my timing is perfect. I am exactly where I need to be, moving at the perfect pace, growing at the perfect pace. Today, there will be obstacles and challenges in my experience. I acknowledge that I created these challenges, and these perfect challenges are the catalysts for the precise lessons that I need to learn today. I appreciate the challenges and I appreciate expansion of my being as I change and learn and grow.

Today, I look at my surroundings with satisfaction as I choose to admire all the perfect things about my day.  As I spend time with the perfect people, or have the perfect conversation, or catch the sight of the hummingbird at my window at just the right time, I can feel the satisfaction in the core of my being, in my belly. The warmth of satisfaction expands throughout my being until my body is humming with the pleasure that this perfect day has to offer.

Today, I make mindfulness a game. I listen to my thoughts in the car, at work, at the grocery store, at home and as soon as a judgment flits across my brain, I catch it like a butterfly in a net, and I hold that thought in love for just a moment before letting it go with these words, “I release this judgment and I release all judgment about myself!”. I take a deep breath in and out and I smile. Every judgmental thought is the perfect time to practice replacing criticism with love and harshness with compassion, and it is so incredibly satisfying.  I catch myself saying “I can’t” or “I should” and I smile because I know that each time I catch a limiting belief and replace it with “I am limitless” or “I am capable”, I win!

Today, I notice and appreciate all the abundance as it flows into my life. From the countless raspberries on the bushes in the yard, to the light coming through the trees and speckling the road with perfect patterns on my drive to work, to the breeze that cools my skin, I appreciate it all and say “Yes please Universe, more of this!” And I feel my heart pushing against my chest and the little tingle in my cheeks just below my eyes that tells me tears are not far away.

Today in the quiet of the morning or the still of the evening, I take the time to feel the warm expansion of satisfaction in my belly or pulsing pushing of my heart as love fills my body. I know that I can have these feelings anytime, anywhere, under any conditions and THAT is my superpower. I know when my heart fills with love and my belly fills with satisfaction, then my mind will fill with peace and clarity and my soul will fill with joy and I will be fully connected to the fullness of who I am.

Today, I know my purpose is to be fully connected to the whole of me. Every time I reach for good feelings, I am living my life with purpose and I am successful and that is so deliciously satisfying.

So for all of you lovely humans who are reading this today, I encourage you to pause long enough to really taste the first sip of coffee in the morning and then notice how the satisfaction of that feels in your body. I encourage you to pause for a moment and look at someone you love and really notice what that love feels like in your body. I encourage you to pause for a moment when you have a great idea and notice how clarity feels in your body. Finally, I encourage you to try to recreate these feelings when the person or circumstance is not right in front of you and notice what it feels like to know that you are powerful!


Sending you all my love!