How to Have a Freak'n Awesome Day in 5 Simple Steps!

Do you want to have amazing things happen to you today? Here are some tips on how to prep yourself to have a freak'n awesome day!

Today is Awesome Because....png


1. Smile First:

You are still in bed, you just turned off your alarm (or hit snooze). Lay on your back for a second and just smile. As you smile, think about how warm your covers are over you and how comfortable you are. Make a mental list of 3 things that you are grateful for, literally anything, for example:

  1. I am grateful that my alarm went off
  2. I am grateful that I can hear birds singing
  3. I am grateful for my bed

2. Meditate:

Yes, I can see you rolling your eyes. Yes, I know you don't have a lot of time, but this is your day and your life and you can choose how you want to prioritize your life. This step can be 1 minute or 10 or 30 or however long (but longer is not always better). Personally, I get up, go to the bathroom, and come back in sit in a comfy spot for about 10 minutes. 

This is a time to just be quiet and slowly wake up. It is also a time to listen and get a clear idea of how you are feeling today. Sometimes, if I can't get the monkey out of my mind (aka mental chatter), I will just say a mantra over and over again. I will smile and say to myself, "Today is going to be a good day" or "Everything is always working out for me" or "Miracles are going to happen to me today" or "I am love". 

3. Today is a really great day: (journal prompt)

This is a short journal exercise that I really like. It takes about 3-5 minutes and really gets me in a good mood and puts me in the mental / emotional space to allow miracles to happen. 

Start by writing, "Today is a really great day!" Then write why. I normally write 1-3 sentences and then start the next paragraph the same way. It is amazing how it evolves and snowballs into something big and motivating. You can write one line or let yourself go for pages and pages, it's all about how you are feeling / how much time you have. Here is my example from this morning:

Today is a really great day! The air is fresh after the rain and the birds are singing and the brook is running. 

Today is a really great day. My sleep was long, my shower was hot, the coffee is delicious and I have the luxury and time to sit and journal about it. 

Today is a really great day. I am practicing letting go of hardship because I don't have to prove myself to anyone. The universe already knows my worth and that I am a good person. 

Today is a really great day because I'm going to look for really great things about it and I am going to expect amazing miracles to happen. I know they can!

Today is a really great day because I have another chance to improve myself. Another chance to deepen my connection to my highest self and to love. I have another chance to see all contrast and conflict with love today and to send love to all the people that need it. 

Today is a really great day with no effort on my part, only ease and joy and love and fun. I don't have to try to make this an amazing day, I just have to stop trying and let the day just be. 

Today, something great is going to happen to me and saying that makes me smile with excitement and anticipation. Today I am allowing all the miracles that I've been manifesting to enter my reality. 

4. Look for Awesomeness!

Go about your day as normal, but try to think "This is awesome because...." whenever you get a chance. For example:

You are stuck in a long line for coffee. On any other day you might mentally complain about wasting time or being late. But today is a freak'n awesome day, so instead you think "Waiting in this line is awesome because it gives me a chance to work on changing my perspective" or "this is awesome because it gives me time to make my mental to do list so I can get straight to work when I get to the office."

There are literally hundreds of times per day that you could use this exercise. Honestly, even if you really can't think of a reason why the situation itself is awesome you could say "This is awesome because I am actually monitoring my thoughts right now, which makes me awesome. This is awesome because I am awesome!" You can label this as cheesy if you want, but it works!

5. End your day by prepping for the next:

Okay you made it thought another day! Congrats! Now you get to crawl in bed and I want you to end the say the same way you started it. Close your eyes and Smile! Smile as you realize and recap all the ways that you made your day awesome today. Even the things that went wrong were awesome because they were opportunities to practice molding your day into what you WANT it to be! 

Smile because tomorrow is going to be even better than today, and the next day is going to be even better than that. Life in general is going to be freak'n awesome at this rate!


That is it my friends. Give it a try for 3 days. Then a week (because the first 3 days were so much fun), you get the picture.  In reality it takes about 10-15 minutes of your morning and it is totally worth it!

Sending all my love and compassion to you!