Who Am I?

Who Am I?


I am an energetic being

In a body made of tissues

Tissues made of cells

Cells made of atoms

Atoms made of energy

In a universe made of atoms

In a universe made of energy


I am a being made of energy

I feel IT like a sun inside my chest

I feel IT when I reach for Love

Inside of Love I feel like a universe

The whole universe resides inside my chest

I Know when I am IN Love


I am a being made of Love

Love that is energy

Condensed into atoms

Combined into cells

Categorized into tissues

Organized into a body of Love

In a universe made of organized Love


I am a being deserving of Love

The Kind with no conditions, no limits, no laws

In this knowing I give you Love

I give you energy

I give to you the universe

In a word, a touch, a thought


I stand full of the Knowing that you are Love

In a universe of Love

Deserving of Love

The Kind with no conditions, no limits, no laws


I stand in compassion and in hope

That You will feel the universe inside Your chest

So that we can sing with joy together

Like the stars sing together

So that we can be stars bright with Love

In a universe made of Love



I have been practicing Reiki energy healing and have started a business that includes Reiki and my own personal development coaching method called Personal Guidance System Coaching. The more I open up and accept the fact that I am made of love, the more love comes into my life and the more connected I feel to myself, the universe and to other people.

The poem above came to me this morning, all in one burst during my morning “check in” meditation. I had just asked the universe for some clarity in concisely communicating my message. I think the poem above really does just that. I think it defines how I think about Reiki and it is the basic foundation of my coaching practice.

Reiki for me is the process of stepping fully into the knowledge of who I am and therefore coming into full understanding and awareness of the divine nature of whoever I am working with. I essentially fill myself up from head to toe with the loving energy that the universe is made of and then put all my loving attention on my client. Love fills my body, their body, their energy field and the whole room, creating a nurturing atmosphere for healing and growth. The process is relaxing and it essentially floods the body with resources for healing.

My whole life has changed since I started practicing Reiki and really opening up to love on a daily basis. I feel so much more myself and I don’t feel alone anymore because the feeling of separateness is slowly diminishing.

As far as the Personal Guidance System coaching goes, the program is designed to help people get in touch with, and build up an awareness of, their mind, emotions and physical body. The mind, emotions and physical body are the three parts of your personal guidance system. Each part provides essential information for fully understanding yourself and the beliefs that are the basis of how you perceive yourself and the world around you.

We all create our own realities based on our perceptions which are grounded in our belief systems. In order to create a reality we love to live in, we need to release beliefs that limit us and replace them with beliefs that empower us. But most of the time, we don’t know what we believe and we don’t know how to identify our core beliefs in the mysterious depths of our subconscious.

The amazing thing is, we are born with all the tools and with all the information that we need to consciously create our own realities. The information is inside our minds, emotions and bodies and there are so many tools and practices that we can use to access and then analyze that information.

Personal development is the process of gathering up this information and then experimenting with different tools and methods to find the ones that work best for you and for establishing firm beliefs that empower you to live your best life!

I want to share this information, and the tools that have really empowered me, with the world. I plan to start working one on one with clients and running workshops and classes, so keep checking in ! Check out the SERVICES tab to learn more about the Reiki and Coaching options that I am currently offering!

Love you all so much!