2018 Goals! How do you want to FEEL this year?

I think that it is important to take some time around New Years to just set some goals and dream and get clear on your desires for the coming year. This year I am focusing on how I want to feel and then setting goals based on those feelings. I was inspired to do this by Danielle LaPorte and her book Desire Map (I would check out her books, the core concept is really worthwhile!)

Since I am the outline QUEEN (no seriously, I love outlines so much), I organized my desired feelings and goals for 2018 like this....

  1. Desired feeling:
    1. What that means to me
    2. What can I do the feel that way more often
      1. Big Goals
      2. Small Goals

Feel free to take a look at my goal setting process then tell my what your goals are for 2018! How do you want to feel in 2018 and what can you do to feel that way more often?



How I want to FEEL in 2018!



I want to expand beyond my comfort zone and my limiting boundaries that are keeping me small. I want to start speaking and acting on my truth, without worrying about what other people are going to think of me. I want to expand my income to the point where I feel financially FREE. I want to expand my experiences through trying new things and traveling. I want to expand what I believe is possible for myself. I want to continuously grow and develop spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

What can I do to feel more Expansive?

Yearly Goals:

  1. Traveling out of the country two times
  2. Taking at least one road trip.
  3. Trying at least three new types of physical activity

Daily Goals:

  1. Taking to strangers and meeting new people
  2. Doing something out of my comfort zone every day
  3. Meditate daily
  4. Work to create sustainable income and a job that has no glass ceiling
  5. Take time every day to journal about my dreams and goals



I want to know that I am linked to the magic and love that is the energy of the universe. I want to know that I am connected to the universe, my higher self and my spirit guides. I want to create and maintain more authentic loving connections with the people who are already in my life and the people I have yet to meet. I want to be a better listener! I want to view people as similar to me instead of as different. I want to practice speaking authentically to others so that I can stop my habit of being a social chameleon (aka stop being whoever I believe people want me to be and start always just being myself). I want to form meaningful and lasting connections with other women and create or find a Girl Tribe!

What can I do to feel more Connected?

Yearly Goals:

  1. Attend a short meditation retreat
  2. Join a group or class that meditates together on a regular basis.
  3. Get out of the house and start taking classes or participating in group activities that I enjoy. 

Daily Goals:

  1. Meditate every day
  2. Approach every human interaction with a positive outlook. A fresh slate. Assume the best from everyone.
  3. Go out of my comfort zone and actively try to meet new people and have meaningful interactions with them
  4. View every human interaction as a mirror and a lesson.
  5. Make time for friends and family. And make scheduling that time a priority.


Powerful and Magical:

I want to base my actions on the fact that I am magical and that I have the power to create my own reality. I want to create a practice of manifesting my desires and building my faith in my own power and abilities. I would like to establish some rituals around my manifesting practices and really creating a consistent routine.

I want to start paying attention to the signs that the universe sends my way so that I can start accumulating evidence for what practices work and which don’t work. I want to keep up my practice of really valuing myself and stepping into my power as an amazing being. I want to develop my feminine power, my sexual power, my creative power, my manifesting power, my gratitude power, my giving power, my receiving and money making power.

I want to fully realize that I am capable of ANYTHING that I can imagine and much more besides. I want to connect and build a community of powerfully magical people.  Essentially I want to accomplish all of my other goals powerfully, intentionally and magically. The more I am able to realize how powerful I really am, the freer I will become.

What can I do to feel more Powerful and Magical?

Yearly Goals:

  1. Create an online business that feels authentic and meaningful to me, and that focuses on helping others. 
  2. Do 5 things that I once believed that I could never do.

Daily Goals:

  1. Get really clear on what my goals and desires are.
  2. Take time to meditate on my desires and manifest them daily.
  3. Be consistent with my gratitude practice.
  4. Create consistent gratitude rituals.
  5. Act on my intuition and speak my truth even when it is hard.
  6. Hang out with magical and powerful people.
  7. Connect with a girl tribe!
  8. Start treating my body with respect and love.
  9. Start stepping out of my comfort zone and facing my fears with the intention of learning and growing.
Start just being the person I want to be instead of working towards becoming the person I want to be.



I want to find a balance between my physical and spiritual activities, my masculine and feminine energy, my alone time and social time, giving and receiving, gratitude and manifesting. I want to find a healthy balance with what I am eating and putting on and into my body. I want to find a balance between work and play, platonic intimacy and sexual intimacy. I want to be the bridge between physical action and spirituality. I want to create boundaries that help me maintain balance in my life. I want to reduce my stress levels in increase my productivity. I want to balance helping others with self care.

What can I do to feel more Balanced?

Yearly goals:

  1. Find a diet that works well for my body and stick to it!
  2. Create a routine where exercise, work and meditation (self-care) are in balance!

Daily Goals:

  1.  I can notice when negativity surfaces in my mind and release what is no longer serving me.
  2. Pay attention to my body and notice if things feel off balance.
  3. Listen to my intuition
  4. Set priorities and follow through with them.
  5.  Make constant adjustments to my routine until it fits perfectly!
  6. Set goals each day and manage my time efficiently.
  7. Write down my gratitude list every day.


Those are my four main goals for 2018! What are your goals? How do you want to feel this year?

Sending all my love to you and wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!