Long Distance Reiki

How It Works:

Reiki healing is based on the energy that connects all life. This energy is not limited by distance or by time and neither is Reiki healing.

We start by setting a date and time for the session via email or over the phone.

Then we would connect over the phone, or through an online portal such as Zoom (or any app that you prefer), for a brief conversation about your goals and intentions. During this consultation I will answer any questions you might have and give you an overview of my process and decide how long you would like your session to last.

After our conversation, we will disconnect the call so that you can sit or lay down somewhere comfortable and relax for the duration of the session.

Once the session is complete I will contact you again to “wake you up” and so that we can discuss how the session went and answer any further questions you may have.

Session Payment:

All long distance session payments are done via credit card before the session begins. I will send an invoice ahead of time using square or paypall OR I can take a credit card number over the phone (using Square). We can discuss your payment preferences during the initial consultation.