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I want to support your self growth journey!

I love being a loving mirror for my clients. I love asking questions and shifting perspectives. I love sharing free gifts like this Emotional Empowerment Workbook, as well as, live videos, blogs, and services that allow me to share what I have learned so that you have the resources to start making changes in your life.


I have done a lot of thrilling things in my life so far. I have driven cross- country (multiple times), rock-climbed, climbed trees with chainsaws (including the tallest tree east of the Mississippi), performed and taught aerial circus for years, and that’s just the craziness highlights. Honestly though, the most thrilling thing of all has been my recent work of exploring deep within my own consciousness and using the truths I find there to consciously create my life and coaching others through their own exploration process.

I put out new videos on Facebook (Beauty in Everyday with Ana Coffey) and Instagram ( 2-3x per week and create blogs to go with them, I also do live meditations and create free gifts and challenges (the next one will be out very soon). If you don’t want to miss out on all this thrilling content, then sign up for my mailing list and get weekly links and updates, so you never miss a thing!

What are people saying about Beauty in Everyday with Ana Coffey?

“Beauty in Everyday with Ana has become a real inspiration in my life. I came across it at a time when I was craving a way to connect more with who I was and how my emotions both limit me and drive me forward. Her daily posts and videos keep me inspired and motivated to reach deeper as I explore these notions. Her videos are thought provoking and her recommendations on additional resources have led me to some delicious reads and podcasts. Most notable has been her 5-day Change Your Beliefs Challenge, an exercise in changing the way we may falsely perceive our reality and potential. I never felt rushed and always felt encouraged, even as the 5-day journey turned into a 7 or 8-day one due to various life interruptions. It was a refreshing practice in honesty and self-reflection that I found to be both a vulnerable and empowering experience. If you’re looking for a way to deepen your awareness and integrate compassion into your journey in self-discovery, then I highly recommend Beauty in Everyday…”

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen,
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Personal Guidance System Coaching

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Helping you access your inner wisdom, establish empowering belief systems, and create a reality you love to live!

Love Letters and Lessons Blog


Let's grow together. Here, I share my stories, experiences and lessons with you.

Reiki Energy Healing Services

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I want to support you on your growth journey through the gentle and effective power of Reiki.