Coaching Program Options

I want to help you create a reality you love to live, full of joy, fulfillment, purpose and self love. I want to help you fully step into your power as a limitless creative being. I want to help you recognize and release old habits that don’t serve you any more and start creating new habits that build new powerful momentum towards your goals.

Rather just chat about what program is best for you? Jump on a free 30 min trial coaching call HERE


“I need clarity around this issue that has been coming up a lot lately…”

You’ve started to notice a pattern (this is GREAT!). Maybe it’s the same defeatist words coming out of your mouth, or you find yourself having the same old arguments over and over again. Maybe there is something you know you have to do, but you’re still too scared to go for it. There are probably some deep core beliefs at play here that are going to require more than just sticking some affirmations to your bathroom mirror.

Let’s figure it out!


  • Free Consultation call

  • 3x 60-minute Video conferences

  • 1x 30-minute “Check In” Video Chat

  • Email recaps of all sessions

three month.png

“This is BIG people! There is an entire area of my life that NEEDS to change!”

Ready to take control of that area of your life that needs an update. Feeling dis-satisfied with your relationship with money, your career, your family, or your love relationship. Maybe you are making some big changes in one of these areas of your life and you’re not quite sure where to go next. You don’t want to make the same mistakes and step into the same patterns of behavior that have been showing up your whole life. You know that something’s gotta give, but your not sure what beliefs are holding you back.

Are you willing to commit to the time and practice it takes to make lasting change?


  • Free consultation call

  • 3x 60-minute video conference calls /month for 3 months

  • 1x 30-minute check in call/ month for 3 months

  • Review emails after each call with tools, homework and a recording of our call

  • The option to pay for additional 30 or 60-minute calls

  • 10x email correspondences to address specific questions that might come up

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“I want it all! I want to work with you in person for coaching AND reiki!”

If you live within a 2 hour drive of central RI, I would love to visit and work with you in person. Let’s sit down face to face and really work through the details of your situation and make a plan around your goals and dreams. Then treat yourself to an amazing Reiki session to release all that stagnant energy and fill you to the brim with love and light! This is an awesome opportunity to get the VIP experience.


  • Free Consultation call

  • A personal visit to your home

  • 2 hours of face to face coaching

  • 1 hour of Reiki Energy healing to address what comes up

  • 1 30-minute check in call following the VIP day


If you are interested in customizing your experience to fit your exact needs, contact me and let’s talk about it!